Oracle is a multinational computer technology that primarily develops software to sell to enterprises (B2B). It is most well-known for historically being one of the most pervasive on-premise database software providers for large enterprises, although, through a series of major acquisitions over the last several decades, Oracle has become a significant player in virtually all sectors of enterprise technology, including hardware, business applications, monitoring and management software, application development software, and operating systems. Oracle is a popular database for enterprise applications and PL/SQL is a nice skill to have to interact with any relational databases like Oracle, MariaDB, MySQL, Percona, MS SQL Server, PostgreSQL, and many more. and the cool thing is SQL helps you to switch into different roles, for instance, Data Science. It all depends on what you want to do in the future? If you want to be a Database or Data Science guy, this is the best thing you are Learn to oracle training in Hyderabad yourself. But If you want to do something else in life, I would say find a job that is more relevant to what you want to do. Again, it all depends on your financial situation and so many factors on whether to grab an opportunity or instead wait for something else in near future.for More information please visit -