Drilling Technician Diplôma : Ndt Inspector ASNT Level 2

● 01/02/2009 to 24/06/2019
International Inspection and Testing Services
Position: NDT Inspector level 2
- Inspection of Welding : visual Inspection
- Complete training in NDT inspection , NDT & dimensional inspection lifting equipment examination QC 101 / 103 Part 1.2 & LOLER
- Magnetic particleTesting inspection MT ,Liquid penetrant testing PTand VTvisual WELDING
- drilling equipments
- MPI-EMI Drill stem assembly / Threads / Rotary Equipment / Hoisting and handing Equipments Thread Gauging in ace with ISO 14402 API spec RP7G / 8A-B-C / DS 1 / NS2
- MWD Inspection Equipements
-Nature of work and responsibilities:
Designation: NDT & Tubular Inspector level 2
Performing Non Destructive Testing of welding such as: Magnetic Particle Testing, Penetrant
Testing Ultrasonic Thickness measurement pipe line.
Job Summary: Inspection of various drilling tools,
Non destructive examination of drilling equipments and bottom hole assembly to DS 1 NS2 and API standards.
Carrying out inspection on lifting equipments examination to BS and EN standards, (sling, shackles, polyester sling, sheave block..etc ) load testing examination lifting équipement inspection. BS standard and DNV standard
Visual inspection on slings and lifting polyster in different sizes and load testing examination.
Doing nondestructive inspection of welds by Magnetic Particle Testing, Liquid Penetrant Testing, Ultrasonic Testingon pipe line production .
BS standards and DNV standards Load testing examination, etc
Handling and hoisting examination to API standards.
MWD and navidrill tools inspection for baker hughes specification desassembled parts inspection and asseembled witnissing for all parts fonction test for navidrill all size 2 years inspector in workshops baker libya

Running in Hole Completion supervision: API 5 CT
Visual Body Inspection
Visual Thread Inspection (VTI)
API Drifting (Full-length)
Tally Services”
Control of jum graphs in Rig floor “ RIH” running in hole supervision

From 01/07/2019to 26/12/2019
Qa Qc inspector work shopInglobalgroupeGMPI sfax tunisia
- quality controle inspection x over and joints blancking dimentionnel
-Welding inspector level II and raw material inspection MT OR LPT
-Inspection services 5CT ,API 7-2, premium connections
-API CONNECTIONS API 7 Rotary schoulder connections
-Survey fabrication QaQc inspector
-API 6A and 16A services groove inspection , VT and LPI on grooves
- welhead services maintenance Qc inspector grooves .API 6 A standard
- pressure test whitnessing

From 12/2020 untill to Day :
Ndt inspection services with al Ain technical service libya.
Ndt inspector level 2 MT. PT. Wall thikness.
Disponibility immediate
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