Reconvert Your Shoppers With Wiser Shopify App

Are you able to display AI-powered related products, upsell items, and frequently bought together products on your Shopify store? Wiser Shopify App helps you set up optimized product pages by letting you show dynamic product recommendations on the product page. These recommendations are personalized to the shopper, based on their search history, last viewed, and similar to the product they are already looking at With Wiser Shopify App, you can set up highly relevant product recommendations on the storefront, product pages, and the cart. These personalized and relevant recommendations ensure that the shopper doesn’t drop off from your store after viewing a product. Instead, the shopper will see these recommendations and click through to another similar product or a product they previously viewed. To get all of these and more, install Wiser App for Shopify now and start your 14-day free trial.