USD 6750, 4500 Sq. Meter, Wow $1.50 A Sq Meter In The # 1 ISLAND IN THE WORLD - PALAWAN

SAN VICENTE LOTS. - We still have 2 lots left. We plan to build our retirement house here. The area is so beautiful and cooler than other places. The area is called Little Baguio (because like Baguio its cooler and greener than other areas) with some great waterfalls and swimming hole close by. It's a 10 min drive to Long Beach (the longest white sand beach in the Philippines). San Vicente is the fastest growing retirement area in the Philippines. Our price 250,000  for 4500 meters thats only 55 peso a sq meter or half hectare IT'S THE CHEAPEST LAND IN SAN VICENTE The GPS for this is 10°30'45.7"N 119°18'18.7"E . Take a look and see. want to see pics and videos and docs my wife has many on FB her account Scherzingerjoy