CAD 1000, Affordable Faux Stone Veneer By Stone Selex

Renovate your home with all types of stone veneer or brick veneer siding products, offered by Stone Selex. Nothing could beat the classic look of natural stone, except maybe its cost. But there is a budget-friendly alternative - the faux stone veneer. It has the look and the feel of natural stone, but at an affordable price.

The veneer is a relatively thin layer that serves as an outer surface applied to another structure (a brick wall, for example). Stone veneer can be made from natural stone as well as from manufactured or faux stone. Today manufactured stone veneer is fabricated from lightweight concrete mix and painted to look like real stones. It can eve improve upon the real stone as it offers more consistent colour, quality, and weight. Faux or artificial stone veneers are usually much lighter than natural stone and are easier to transport and handle. As significantly lighter they can be installed without additional footings, foundations, or wall ties.

One of the good reasons for using manufactured stone, is the great variety of types colors, textures and sizes - dry stack or grouted, panel or individual rocks, interior or exterior siding, manufactured artificial stone, faux rock siding, fake stone siding, natural stone or fake brick siding veneers - Stone Selex can offer everything you need for your projects.

But sometimes such a wide variety could be a bit confusing. That is why you can order a free catalogue or request a free consultation at the official website of Stone Selex:

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Toronto, Materials, CAD 1000,  Affordable Faux Stone Veneer By Stone SelexToronto, Materials, CAD 1000,  Affordable Faux Stone Veneer By Stone Selex