Advance Digital Marketing Course.

Carve your path in this ever-growing industry by signing up for our Digital Marketing course. Whether you’re a fresher, student, or working professional, you can gain in-depth knowledge to flourish in any marketing agency.

️ Introducing Advanced Digital Marketing Course. ️

️Here’s what will achieve in the 25 Days Digital Marketing Program. ️

️Module-01 Introduction of Digital Marketing

️Module-02 Website Planning

️Module-03 Hosting Server

️Module-04 Website Creation

️Module-05 Content Writing

️Module-06 Keyword Research

️Module-07 Competitor Analysis

️Module-08 Search Engine Optimization

️Module-09 E-Commerce SEO

️Module-10 Local SEO

️Module-11 Google WebMaster

️Module-12 Bing WebMaster

️Module-13 Google Analytics

️Module-14 Google Tag Manager

️Module-15 Google Optimize

️Module-16 Google Tools

️Module-17 Search Engine Marketing

️Module-18 Social Media Optimization

️Module-19 Social Media Marketing

️Module-20 Email Marketing

️Module-21 Google My Business

️Module-22 SMS Marketing

️Module-23 Whatsapp Marketing

️Module-24 Youtube Marketing

️Module-25 Affiliate Marketing

️Module-26 Freelancing

️Module-27 Online Reputation Management

️Module-28 Automation Tools for Digital Marketing

️Module-29 Digital Marketing Tools

️Module-30 Case Studies

️Module-31 Live Projects

️Module-32 Adobe Photoshop & Canva Training