Soft Services Cleaning Supervisor

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1. Soft Services Cleaning Supervisor

A cleaning supervisor will have a wide range of responsibilities. He/she tries as much as possible to make sure that cleaners under his/her supervision carry out their functions effectively and promptly too.

Establishment of cleaning standards and procedures for workers and ensure adherence to these standards and procedures
Coaching and developing employees (cleaners)
Scheduling and assigning specific duties/roles to cleaners and also ensuring that they are carried out expertly
Inspection of cleaning equipment on a regular basis so as to know when they are worn-out and also request for the replacement
Controlling and monitoring the usage of cleaning materials so as to avoid or minimize waste and/or misuse
Providing any form of required assistance to cleaners while they carry out their duties.

Requirements – Skills, Abilities, and Knowledge – for the role of a Cleaning Supervisor
When hiring for the position of a cleaning supervisor, there are certain qualities that employers look out for in an applicant.

Common requirements are :-

Must possess excellent communication skills in speaking, writing, and even in listening
Must have good interpersonal attributes. That is to say, the supervisor must be someone that gets along easily with people (easily approachable)
Must be outstanding when it comes to organization and coordination of both humans and their activities
Must display a high level of integrity due to the fact that he/she may be in a position to take care of people’s personal belongings
Excellent decision-making ability is a must-have
Must be proactive in the line of duty
Must have the ability and willingness to work as part of a team, and most importantly, lead a team
Should have a clear understanding of customer service guidelines/principles
Must have relevant experience in cleaning and supervision of cleaning procedures
A basic degree in any hospitality-related field is also required
Must possess a transferable Iqama
Must possess a valid local driving license
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