Extend exit re entry
Extend visit visa
Final Exit On #Huroob(Run away)
Insurance for (60 to 80 age)
Renew Iqama without Insurance.(Age 70 to 75)
Transfer student without any papers(Riyadh)
Transfer independent to dependent
Profession change(Only Riyadh)
Update passport in jawazat
Lost iqama card
Cancel Transfer Request from Maktab Amal
Transfer Dependent to Company/Muasasa
Update Insurance for Dependents only..
Renew student iqama (Age 21 to 24)
Visit visa for Wife nd kids Only(Good
Business visit visa 3,6, months(Including ladies)
Iqama Muaqata/ First iqama
Renew Rukhsa Baladiya without Location
Renew Sajjaj Tijati (CR)
New file in Maktab amal
Lost Passport print ,
Lost license.
Correct name on iqama
Print Jawazat,
Exit re entry(Kafeel Died)
Jawazat Problems.
Remove suspneded from work(موقوف عن العمل)
Matloob Print
New born babay Iqama
Rakkab Fine
Final Exit On #Visit #expire,
Maroor(Traffic police) Problems
print lost Istimarah
car cancellation
Duplicate Car Number plate
Car transfer

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