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Though the world is heading towards complete vaccination apprehensions of meeting in person is still very much strong within people. The practice of online event planning is still a popular choice. For the best virtual event planning, Evenesis comes readily to mind as it is one of those event management tools that take care of the various facets of event management. Your virtual event planner takes care of event registration and RSVP. It has very efficient database management that helps you to evaluate your event at every stage for various objectives. The integrated email and SMS blast help distribute message seamlessly without any human intervention and measures their success. The integrated online payment allows payment with various options on user-friendly modes. The event analytics brings out a synopsis of the event proceedings at every stage for the understanding and progress of the event. Apart from the event objectives the event planning software also is an efficient manager. From facial recognition check-ins to offering an event mobile app and onsite check-in for hybrid events it also takes care of your event’s web design and helps in lead retrieval through its app Evelet. Evenesis also provides ready solutions to your event by offering the most technically sound virtual event platform that supports live Q&A and polling. Allows business matching and connecting, it is provided with a social distancing technology and has an SME digitalization grant. For all these reasons and more Evenesis must be your only choice for online event planning. Visit to learn more about event planning.

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