SAR 15000, 35 Sq. Meter, One Office Room With Furniture For Rent

One office room with furniture and other facilities for rent.

There are total of 3 rooms and one room with complete material is for rent including the following services:

- Free 40MB High Speed Broadband Internet Service
- Free to all local mobile and landline telephone call/receipt service
- Free Fax Service
- Floor Carpet, Tables, Chairs, Shelves (Wall & Standing), Drawers, 3 Laptops, 3 Printers, Split AC and others.
- Two Laptops
- Two Printers
Shred services
- One Kitchen
- One Toilet

The room can be used for office works, management or even as "Studio" with some set-up.

15,000 SAR Per Year. Once amount is paid, it is not refundable.