Thread inserts are as much useful as they look simple when it comes to assembling two objects. Also known as threaded bushing, or a threaded fastener, is a sleeve with a female threading in the inside to provide support for male threading such as bolts or screws. This tiny element is inserted into an object to append a threaded hole.

Thread Inserts comes in various sizes that are used for different purposes. Its different designs are meant to hold different types of thin and soft materials, to ensure fastening is well secured and longer lasting.

If you have a objects to assemble that’s made of soft materials, or want to connect to a load bearing object, or needs assembling or dissembling regularly, then perhaps, using thread inserts are a right way to go.

Ahmedabad based Khodiyar Springs manufacture Thread Inserts in materials such as brass and stainless steel that are used in the assembly of various consumer products, electronics and automobiles. The company is a step ahead in fabricating thread insert for variety of uses.