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Our Company Detail

We aim to make our packing, luggage / Furniture etc moving and free house from Pest services accessible to everyone in the country. Our services are essential in making any moving experience run smoothly as possible. Abdullah Movers team aims to optimize customer satisfaction when it comes to any moving job.


Equipped with the latest equipment and a skilled team of professionals, our mission is to provide cheap services  to clients with a safe, affordable and punctual moving experience. Our team will provide you with the services to make you feel completely comfortable during your move.

Our dedicated team works long and hard to make sure that your move is completed by the deadline you set. They will carefully work day and night to complete your moving job, no matter how difficult it is.


“One of the most standout qualities of Abdullah Movers is our team’s punctuality. We always provide on-time delivery services from doorstep to doorstep and we always take the client’s deadlines into consideration.”


“Our moving vehicles are always safe and well-maintained. There is no need to fret because at Abdullah Movers, we make sure to always check our moving trucks before our team sets out for a job.”


“Our professional team consists of people with years of experience in their various roles. Our professionals consist of drivers, packers, loaders, logistics managers and more!” Our expert team provide Pest Control services befor settlements of luggages
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