Operations Coordinator

Job description

To manage the day-to-day logistics tasks and liaising with the regional for the inbound & outbound shipments and handle the relevant functions in comply with company's and local policies.

Import Operations
• To validate the shipping docs in accordance with the customs regulations
• To get the needed approvals from customs, DGR shipments, SC Certificates, CITES, SABER exemptions, SFDA, etc.
• To control and track shipments from origin till final delivery, all while managing the needed approvals and communications with all involved parties.
• To coordinate with the appointed customs clearance agents upon arrival of the shipments
• To claim the reported discrepancies with the origin, clearance agents, and insurance company as per the company's regulations
• To follow up and coordinate with the finance department on duties payment in timely manner and deposit refund
• Data entry and tracking

Export Operations
• To handle the relevant tasks for re-exportation (sales return, repair, and return, temporary admission) including the customs approvals, coordination with the clearance agents and freight forwarders for timely re-exportation process
• To keep records of the re-exportation documents and do proper files archiving
• To coordinate with the finance department to record and validate the relevant expenses & charges

Local Transfers
• To coordinate with the Security Transportation for all goods movement including the inbound and outbound shipments
• To coordinate and monitor the goods movement between the boutiques and workshop center
• Handle the goods transfers between the cities (RUH, JED & DMM) thru a proper shipping mode (land, domestic airfreight or courier)

Events & Temporary Importation
• Apply for the Temporary Importation approval
• Keep records for the imported consignments and ensure the re-exportation before the ending of the grace time
• Ensure the deposit refund and follow up with concerned to close all opened files
• Offer the needed support to brands to achieve the event's objectives
• Provide and plan the transportation services for the events in accordance with the security procedures and policies.

Desired Skills and Experience
Educational Background
• Bachelor's degree/ high diploma in Business administration or another operational relevant field.

Technical/Work-based Skills or specific knowledge (Must Have)
• Arabic - English fluency in speaking & writing
• Computer skills and knowledge of MS Software
• Knowledge of local customs regulations

• 1-2 years in such position or other operational field.

Personal Skills/Attributes
• Fast learner, hard worker, well-organized, responsible, positive, flexible.

• HQ & Regional Logistics
• Brands
• Finance
• Customer Service
• Security