Gate Valve Maintenance, Injectable Packing, Drilling Compounds, Lubricants In Dammam

Please see below are the wide range products of Jet-Lube :


Gate Valve Products

Ezy-Turn #3 Arctic - Gate and Plug Valve Sealant

Ezy-Turn #12 - Gate Valve Sealant & Body Fill Lubricant (Peanut Butter)

EZY-Turn H2S - Gate Valve Sealant

EZY-Turn Body Fill - Gate Valve Sealant

Ezy-Turn Body Fill H2S - Body Fill H2S Valve Sealant

Ezy-Turn H2S - H2S Gate Valve Lubricant

Ezy-Turn Polar - Polar Gate Valve Sealant

Penetrant, Rust and Varnish Remover

EZY-Open Gel - Valve Penetrant

EZY-Open Liquid- Valve Penetrant

Injectable Packing’s

EZY-Pak #100 – White

EZY-Pak #115 – Green

EZY-Pak #125 - Arctic Sealant


Coral - Multi-Purpose for Drill Strings & Tubulars

Extreme - Drill Collar and Drill Pipe

Jet-Lok II - Two Part Epoxy Thread Lock

Jet-Lube 21 Oilfield - Tool Joint Compound

JLS Oilfield - Tool Joint Compound

Kopr-Kote® Oilfield - Drill Collar and Drill Pipe

Kov’r-Kote® - Metal-Free Drill String Compound

NCS-30 ECF - Drill Collar and Drill Pipe

NCS-30 Oilfield - Drill Collar and Drill Pipe

Z-50 - Tool Joint Compound

Z-60 - Tool Joint Compound


Riser Bolt Lube - Nonmetallic Anti-Seize

Silicone Compound DM - Silicone Dielectric

WLD™ - Wire Line Dressing


API-Modified - Thread Compound

Run-N-Seal® ECF™ - Thread Compound

Run-N-Seal Extreme - Nonmetallic Thread Compound

Seal-Guard - For High-Chrome & High-Nickel Alloys

Seal-Guard® ECF™ - Premium Connection Compound

TF-15™ - Thread Sealant

Wire Line Lubricant ECF - Yellow / "E" -Rated Lubricant


Clean-Up™ - Industrial Cleaner and Solvent

Easy-Clean® Liquid - Alkaline Cleaner and Degreaser

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