Thread inserts are commonly the most strongest and least time-consuming fasteners utilized in any manufacturing set-up. You simply require a couple of relatively basic tools and a thread insert kit for installation. Also repairing damaged and stripped threads is an easy task that every mechanic and DIY enthusiast are mostly familiar with. Thread inserts extends the life structures and machinery. A little vibration and pressure is required to install the thread insert into a molded hollow boss and this process is called ultrasonic insertion. Heat insertion or thermal insertion employs heat to make thermoplastic material malleable in the particular area that needs insertion.

Reasons to use Thread Insert:
Thread inserts are typically used for soft materials, however driving a screw or bolt directly into an object can cause lot of damage. Thread insert is placed inside the object after which threaded fastener is driven into the insert, making it easy for a screw or bolt to be driven all the way into it.