MXN 2000, SAP IDES ECC6 - EHP8 With VMWare

I can provide SAP IDES ECC6 EHP8 installed on VMWare with Full Validity.

Use for educational/practice purpose. Not for commercial purpose. SAP Ides included all SAP ECC modules FI/CO, PP, MM, QM, SD, ABAP, HR, PM, etc. included.

Contact me on : [email protected]

I will share my Google Drive link, you can download. After download, message me. I will remotely connect through team viewer etc., extract the files & do the setup on your desktop/Laptop.

Minimum Hardware & Software requirement for SAP IDES
• CPU - Intel i3
• RAM -Requirements: EHP8 - 12GB
• Hard Disk free space - 200 to 300 GB (If space not available in system, External hard disk can also used)
• Windows 7/8/10 or Windows Server 2008/2012/2016 operating system with 64bit OS.

Download size in compressed form (approx)
• SAP ECC 6.0 EHP 8 - 80 GB

Highlights of SAP IDES ECC
1. Developer Key activated
2. Full configured and activated
3. Included sample data

This price is for one pc & one time installation only.

I'm not SAP Worker. I only sell a System that has been released by training purpose by SAP; the objective of this product is save a lot time and basis consultancy hours for you.
If you are SAP customer, you can request this system from SAP for a free, but you have to install it by your self. In this case I already did it for you, for your easiest utilization, and for a cheapest price.

** please note that I'm selling a SAP IDES System that have to be run in your own PC or Laptop, only for your self training.
That means that you are the only one responsible for the correct use of this system.

It don?t include a SAP BASIS Consultancy hours, or support.

contact me on : [email protected]

payment mode: PayPal Only
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