24, Looking For A Religious Bride For My Son

السلام عليكم ورحمه الله وبركاته

We are a well-educated & decent Muslim family from Hyderabad, India.

We are for looking a girl who is RELIGIOUS, beautiful, educated & well mannered.

**Must be away from all kinds of Shirk and Bid'ah**
**Must be away from Movies and Songs**

My son's details are as follows:

Age: 24 years
Height: 5'11"
Complexion: Fair
Qualification: B.com [Computers], MBA [IT] (Pursuing)
Occupation: Working as Sr. IT Analyst in a reputed MNC (Hyderabad, India)

My son was born and raised in KSA and moved to Hyderabad, India after 12th grade for higher education.

He is a religious, good looking & well mannered person.

Interested parents may contact us via Phone/WhatsApp:

Call/WhatsApp : +91 9963674898

*If you are someone who visits the Dargah - Please do not contact us.
*If you are someone who follows Fateha and Durood - Please do not contact us.