No running around in the market to buy animals for sacrifice, no need to scout for the butcher for slaughter and no worries about keeping the place clean in these times of COVID-19.

The arrangements of ‘ijtemai qurbani’ or collective sacrifice but for those taking ‘hissa’ or share in a cattle.

Purchase Of Allowed animal *cattle(of 2 yrs according to the sunnah)

• Slaughtering on your behalf – ( Provide The Name )

•Cattle- Cutting meat into Pieces (10– 12) Kgs

• Cattle – Divide the meat in 7 Equal Shares

• Packing (Meat & Other Eatables except Boti)

• Organs, Skin & Other parts will be given in Selected Slum Area

• Cattle hissa – Just For Rs 3,500

. slaughter the animals and deliver the meat or distribute it among the poor and needy as per their wish.

• Payment Can be made Through – Gpay / PhonePay –