25, Looking For An Ideal Groom For Our Daughter In KSA

Assalamwalaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuhu...

We are the bride's parents belonging to a well cultured and well educated family from hyderabad but have been living in KSA for 20+ years Alhamdulilah.
We are looking for a suitable groom for our eldest daughter. She was born in India but brought up in Saudi Arabia.

She is down to earth, loves to read observes hijab, namazi and knows how to balance deen and dunia.
She is also an iqama holder.


NAME: Afia Fatima
RELIGION : Islam (Sunni - Hanafi)
HEIGHT : 5.5"
QUALIFICATION : BSc (Psychology) (From Alagappa Open University)
Elementary and Intermediate Education from IISJ.

We are looking for a suitable well educated and well settled guy who also lives in KSA. Who has a good personality, who is religious, understanding and a good spirited individual.
People belonging to Hyderabad most preferred. Divorcees, second marriages, jamaat people please excuse.

We would like to do the wedding in KSA In sha allah.

Interested people can message on WhatsApp or on email id with the boy's bio data and pics if possible. In sha allah we will revert back with the girl's full bio data and pics if it matches.
Whatsapp: +966 593547433
Email: [email protected]

Jazakallah khair.