Civil Technician 25 Nos. • 1 No. Plumber • 1 No. HVAC Technician• 1 No. Electrician•

Recruitment for metro maintenance project

Candidate should have Iqama transferable and good knowledge of English (Speak/Write);

• 25 nos. Civil Technicians
• 2 nos. Plumbing Supervisor
• 1 no. FA Supervisor
• 1 no. Plumber
• 1 no. HVAC Technician
• 1 no. Electrician

* Technician – 4 k to 4.5 k +Transportation+ Accommodation– single status
* Supervisor – 6 k to 6.5 k +Transportation+ Accommodation– single status

Job description for civil technician:
• Provide support to civil engineers in the design, construction and progress of the project.
• Knowledge of construction and prepare details building plans.
• Survey project sites and arrange for soil and rock samples.
• Ensure a project matches client specifications.
• Identify the type of materials and testing of materials to use in construction.
• Ensure work is carried out according to deadlines.
• Supervise projects in order to ensure compliance with plan.
• Reduce a project’s impact on the environment.
• Ability to communicate clearly.
• Work on-site and in office.
• Perform other duties as require by civil engineer

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