27, Seeking Groom For My Sister (*Religious* Families Only)

Bride's detail:
Age: 27
Height: 5'2
Skin: Fair Color
Sect: Salaf
Marital status: Single
Educational Qualification: Mphil in Islamic Banking and Finance (from IIUI), Masters in Economics (from IIUI), schooling from PISJ
Cooking abilities: Good
Future Plans: Housemaker
Prays: 5 times a day
Studying: Learning Surf and Nahve (Quran Grammar)
Father: Retired (Islamabad)
Mother: Housemaker (Islamabad)
Siblings: Elder Brother (Married and settled in Yanbu)
Middle Brother (Married and settled in Jeddah, The one who is putting the AD)
Youngest Brother (Unmarried and settled in Jeddah)
Youngest Sister (Unmarried and settled in Islamabad)
Born: Jeddah (Spend 18 Years of her life in Jeddah)
Current Country: Islamabad (if things workout we will bring her to KSA, expenses will be covered)
Language: Urdu, English, Arabic
City: Islamabad
Hijab: Abaya with Niqab
Makeup: No
Hobbies: Staying Home
Middle Class family

City: RYD, DAM, JED (Riyad and Dammam short meetings can be held through zoom)
Prays: Five times a day (jammat)
Family of Groom should do Hijab between men and women.
Have Basic knowledge of Quran
Beard: Yes
Groom should provide basic needs for bride (clothing, Home, expenses)
Residence: Should be in KSA, Takes responsibility to keep her in KSA
No music to be allowed from Bride's side in Nikah or Walima
Have fear for the Day of Judgement
Doesn’t look at girls

Process of Marriage: If we find the Groom to be what we are looking for, after the families are familiar with each other, then we can do face to face meeting, where groom and bride sits together along with any elder member of the family through a distance as done in Sharia Way.
Decision totally resides in the hands of bride, she will make the decision if she wants the Groom after seeing/same goes for the groom to decide if he wants to spend the life with the bride or not, we don’t believe in force marriages.

Before calling please send your profile through whatsapp on this number 0595272729, Brides picture will not be shared through whatsapp