Looking For A Bride. Requirement:- Respected, Deendaar, Educated From Decent Family.

        🌹 *بِسْمِ ٱللَّهِ ٱلرَّحْمٰنِ ٱلرَّحِيمِ* 🌹
*(In the name of Allah the most beneficient, the most mercifull)*
*His details r here:-*

*1. Name:-* Syed Khaja Khaleel Uddin

*2. Native:-* Hyderabad

*3. Date of Birth:-*

*4. Age:-* 28 Years

*5. Marital Status:-* Unmarried

*6. Height:-* 6.0ft

*7. Appearance :-* V.Fair

*8. Qualification:-* MBA (Finance)

*9. Work/Job:-* As a Appeal Analys in United Health Group. Hi-tech City

*10. Religion:-ISLAM* Sunni Muslim

*11. Maslak/Cult:-*

*12.Believe in Dargah/Fateha:-* Yes

*13. Mother Tongue:-*

*14. Namaaz:-* Yes Alhamdulillah

*15. Family Details:-* 

*Father :-* Alhaj Syed Khaja Moin Uddin

*Occupation:-* Saudi Return

*Mother:-* Homemaker

*Siblings:-* 2

*Brothers:-* no

*Sisters:-* 2
(1):- Married Graduate
(1):- Un-Married B.Tech (CSE)

*Brother-in-Laws:-* Syed Amir Mohiuddin Quadri
B.Tech (CSE) working in NCB (KSA)

*Grand Father (Dada):-* Late Alhaj Syed Fasi Uddin

*Grand Father (Nana):-* Late Alhaj Shah Jeelani Pasha Quadri.
(Sajjada Nasheen)

*Maternal Uncles:-* ( 2)
* Alhaj Shah Ibrahim Quadri
Sajjada Nasheen Dargah Hazrath Maqdoomji Quadri RA. Bidar (Landlord)

* Shah Abuturab Quadri

*Paternal Uncles:-*
Uncle (Taya)
Late Syed Ghouse Mohiuddin

Uncle (Chacha)
Alhaj Syed Minhajuddin
( Media House -Jeddah, KSA)

*19. Address :-* 9-4-61/84 Merajcolony, Tolichowki. Hyderabad.

*20. Parents contact No. :-*
 What's App & Calling:- (9247248059) (8125726072)

*21. Expectations/ BSC, BUMS,BDS,B.Tech, MBA.
Requirement:-* Respected, Deendaar, Educated from Decent Family.