Dear sir,

I introduce myself, Mr AHMED SIDDIQUI, Indian nationality, resident in Algeria, owner of the Taj mahal Indian Restaurants in the capital Algiers.

i intend to invest in new delhi, and to open a new restaurant, having a very big and rich experience in the field of restauration and restaurant management.

for that, i'm looking for someone who can join us as a partner, or by jointventure, or even if the person has a place well located and adequate for a vip restaurant. you can then contact us, we can study all your proposals.

You will find attached to this message, the presentation of our restaurants TAJ MAHAL in Algiers, as well as the information to contact us.

Best Regards

This my Personnel phone number & whatsapp :

Mr AHMED SIDDIQUI : +213 (0)659 33 46 43

Email : [email protected]