Looking For Administration Job

Good day everyone!

I am looking for an administration work. I have 8 years of experience in an administration jobs.

Here are my roles and skills that I can contribute to your company

- Managing document control which includes creating and updating records with new files and information.
- Manage appointments
- Book meetings and taking minutes of meeting
- Preparing requested reports
- Maintain/manage stationary, pantry and general supplies

- Implementing any new policies, procedures and administrative systems
- Support the training in charge/ officer/ trainer with the preparing of the training room and facilitating the course support material
- Follow the Quality Assurance standard
- Managing databases and liaison tasks among staff as per the manager request
- Collecting, liaison and processes learners’ general feedback, complaints and appeals requests as per the policies and procedures

- Preparing material request
- Preparing LPO through tally
- Updating database of receivables and payables
- Preparing invoices and supporting documents

I am Filipina 35 years old
And I can join immediately

If you're interested to hire me
Please contact me through email:[email protected]