The Cervelo Caledonia-5 is the new way to rack up a massive number of miles with a race ready feel. Designed with the help of professional riders, the Caledonia-5 has World Tour qualities with the perks of an endurance bike. This bike can take on the smoothest tarmac but can travel off onto cobbles, singletrack connectors, and backroads that haven’t been repaved in ages. The frame is made to take on all terrain as well as all weather. It can be fitted with fenders in case the rain picks up while you are in the middle of a long ride. The Cervelo Caledonia-5 is the perfect weapon for the rider who wants to take on triple-digit mileage on a bike that is so much more than a pure endurance machine.

Cervelo sees road bikes as more than just machines to crank watts into for pure speed. Sometimes the modern rider wants to get adventurous and cut across the grass or a dirt track. The Caledonia-5 can keep up the pace through those fun challenges when other bikes might stumble. Proper compliance is needed to meet those challenges, so luckily Cervelo has countless years of tube shape engineering behind them. They simply picked the proper tube shape and layout for the compliance to speed ratio they wanted for the frame, skipping all the gimmicks. With the Caledonia-5, riders can expect to feel fresh and comfortable regardless of how long the ride is.
Singapore, Bicycles, USD 2475,  CERVELO CALEDONIA-5 FRAMESET