INR 1299, The Automatic Water Dispenser You've All Been Waiting For

Less than 50 per cent of the population in India has access to safely managed drinking water. In the 21st century people seem to be too focused on their work and businesses but have hardly any time to think about the most basic thing they consume. Water, a product that the human body needs to energize itself, is at uncertainty in India. There is not enough fresh water compared to the population density in India. When it comes to dispensing water, we all face that problem of carrying those heavy plastic water cans with certain difficulty and waste a lot of time and energy in doing so. Therefore we bring to you, India's No.1 rechargeable electric water dispenser pump, Watamate Turbo+.
With our water dispenser, there is no need to worry about sanity at all. To those that are new and think to themselves “ what is a water dispenser”, it is basically a product to ensure that the water you drink is safe and healthy for you. Our goal is to make India’s water a lot more fresh and drinkable for people so that they can wake up feeling physically and mentally happier.
Features of Water dispenser:
• Double motor for quicker dispensing of water
• It has chargeable batteries that has a long lasting battery life
• It is portable, therefore it can be fitted anywhere
• Almost every brand is compatible with our water dispenser
• The contents within the water dispenser is safe as it is dust and waterproof
• The material it is made out of is quality
Our water dispenser comes with lithium batteries meaning they can go for a whole week in the situation of a power surge. It has a power indicator that shows whether your battery is low or full of charge.
All our water dispenser pumps come with a 1 year warranty so you never need to worry in case of defects or damages. Now you can conserve your energy and time on manual labor for getting clean drinking water with the help of this rechargeable electric water dispenser.
No need to worry about lifting cans and carrying them around while we take care of that for you with our water dispenser. It is an ideal choice for home, hospitals, workplaces, etc. We use different sizes (ie 5L, 10L, 15L, 20L) and different brands to provide proper storage.
Suitable for every age, from children to senior citizens, getting clean water has now become easier. Thousands of people from all over India already own and use Watamate for leading a quality life. So why not join the Watamate family as we change the future of drinking water with our new revolution. India’s no. 1 water dispenser that provides new energy for a new way of life. Click here to have a look at our double motor water dispenser pump:

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