42, Muslim Looking For A Bride (second Marriage)(I Am 42 And Married)

I am 42 years, married and looking for second marriage. I have 3- three children. Please email me with your contact details and details of the bride and In shaa Allah I will respond back,don't forget to mention the country and city name. I am from India,Andhra Pradesh. This advertisement is posted by self i.e.; groom.
About me : My father and mother are passed away. I have no sisters or brothers. I live alone in my home (with my wife and son). I need some one who can understand my situation. I am open to relocate for the sake of the marriage. My condition is that any girl/woman should stay with my existing wife,share the apartment/home I am living. But in case of any discrepancies,In Shaa Allah Allah will guide us through the problems and we will find a way out.

I consider myself as a practicing Muslim (follow original Muslim creed but no extremism) and I expect my future wife to be religious. Even if she is not, if she is open she can understand the religion better and start practicing (may be better than me !!!). My preference will be with revert Muslims and orphans (even living in Americas and Europe)

I am looking for girls who are not yet married (age group 28-33) or widows/divorced who are of the same age and have no children, and can bear children. If they (divorced or widowed women) have children, should not be more than 5 years of age.People who want to make business dealings (in the shade of marriage), please keep away.
Only serious people looking for marriages, please contact me.