As salaam alaikum,

Sunni muslim parents (Ahle Sunnah wal Jamaat - Dargah/Fatiha) seeking groom for their daughter.

Details of would be bride as below:

MCA, 32, Tall & Sharp features, Height 5:5, Fair color
Aalima (Jamia Nizamia) and currently pursuing Fazila(Jamia Nizamia)


Urgently looking for a groom from similar family background
Preferably Post graduate/Professional Graduate
Based in Hyderabad or Gulf, preferably Saudi arabia
Height at least 5:9 or above, Salaried or owning a business
Having good knowledge about deen.

Intending to marry in next 2-3 months.

Parents can be contacted at +916281312859 (WhatsApp & Calls)

Dowry seekers and Agents kindly excuse.