Need Job In HR-Recruitment / Admin & Other Exec.Roles - Indian With Saudi Experience.

Dear Hiring Manager
Greetings !!!

Iam a Professional with Total of 18+years Experience. Saudi Arabia, U.A.E & India (5+10+4)

Seeking JOB role in Office Administration, HR-Recruitment, Operations and Other Exec Support Roles in Line with my Credentials or a New Challenge as well. Intend to Deliver and Add value with Commitment & Integrity.

Worked with Clients like ARAMCO, SABIC(Riyad-Jubail) etc.. Handled Client relations, Business Meetings.
As Division Administrator Supervised - Contracts administration, Payroll, HR-Recruitment, Operational Support, Govt relations, etc


KSA Car Driving License - (Expired January 2021) - Can Be Renewed.

Ready to Join - Having Covid-19 Vaccinations completed.
Please reach me for my Resume and we can discuss credentials and your role on offer.
Thanks & Kind regards

Mohammed Mannan Khan
+917330182056 (whatsApp / imo)
[email protected]