USD 75, Sustainable And Effective Custom Foam Packaging Inserts At CRATIV Packaging

Enhance your brand with Crativ Packaging’s high-quality custom foam packaging inserts. They are designed for industry-standard vape cartridges and are available in three different containers - Original, Slim, and Mini.
We offer certified child-resistant packaging that is environment-friendly and compliant with US and Canadian federal and local laws. It is rigorously tested to ensure no children can get into it and can only be used by adults!
Our foam packaging inserts make sure your delicate vape pens or cartridges are delivered safely and securely to your customers. If your vape is a non-standard shape or size, we have got you covered! With our Build Your Own Foam Vape Insert option, we can design the insert to fit your specific items so that it cradles your delicate cannabis products and protects them from damage. Visit to place your orders today -