Seeking Partnership With Online Marketers -Global Income Potential

Hi,I'm looking for an online marketing expert(s) to help me promote a World First therapeutic audio! This is a TGA listed Class 1 medical digital audio technology currently in App format. The result of nearly 20 years R&D, it has had expressions of interest from hospitals, universities, schools, corporations and the general public worldwide. Visit
NeuroSonica SmartSound technologies are a medical sound treatment providing evidence-based assistance for sleep, stress, anxiety, depression, ADHD, headaches, improved cognitive performance and more. Their applications cover multiple needs, demographics and niches and have no language barriers! Our earlier CD sales sold in over 43 countries.
This is a genuine, world first, non-pharmaceutical medical product, and represents a major income opportunity for an astute online marketer. I am the developer/IP owner of the product and, due to recent company changes, I am currently seeking a partnership, JV or similar profit sharing arrangement with someone who can bring it to the global market.
NeuroSonica Pty Ltd is a semi-established brand and has had hi-end sleep and stress management audio products on major international airlines and other platforms. However, long story short, it is currently in urgent need of marketing expertise. There is much to discuss with you and there's never been a better time for a product like this given current events!
Please visit and do your due diligence and /or contact me (Ken) on 040 330 9657 ASAP. This is a VERY exciting, unique and potentially lucrative opportunity for the right applicant(s).