Assalamualaikum warehmatullahi wabarakatahu

We are from India-Hyderabad, Seeking Bride for our brother.The girl can be aged between 23-27 and must be a graduate V.fair with height at least 5'4" or above. Since we are from Hyderabad so we are looking for Hyderabad proposals only.

About our family our father (late) was a govt. Employee.

Mother: homemaker
Brother : working in a college
Sister: married and stays in abroad.
We have a small and nuclear family and having own house.
We have no demands.
We don't perform fateha but we welcome all.

Groom Details:

Age : 30
Height : 5.7
Complexion : Very Fair
Qualification : MBA
Occupation : Working in MNC in Hyderabad
Income : 12 lakhs per annum (Ma sha Allah)

Kindly send Bride details (6300658631)
If your profile matches with our requirement will revert back to you, if not your profile will be deleted In Sha Allah.

Jazak Allah khair