Advantages Of The I Care Advanced Covid 19 Test Kit

Jal Medical, is a truly integrated biomedical manufacturing facility, has a wide array of advanced rapid in-vitro immunodiagnostic test systems and electrical bio sensing systems. In this fast-moving world, many individuals do not find the necessary time to get tested for the various diseases that they are or might be suffering from. Gone are the days when people used to visit testing laboratories as a precautionary measure. Jal Medical Singapore comes with a solution for this problem by providing various rapid testing kits through which, people can perform tests at their respective homes. Additionally, these test kits also provide results within minutes and thus saves the individuals from the trouble of visiting laboratories again to get their test results.

We, at Jal Medical, envision to provide safe, reliable and cost-effective solutions in the market, globally. Our offerings include Blood glucose meters, STD rapid screen tests, DOA rapid screen tests, Infectious diseases rapid screen tests, Fertility rapid screen tests, and ABO & RhD blood grouping test card. The FDA, ISO 13845 and GMP certification proves the company’s competence to provide efficient and reliable products.

Advantages of i CARE Advanced COVID 19 Test Kit are endless when it comes to the advantages of home testing. The kit can be used in the laboratory along with a local computer or network connection to allow rapid data analysis. This is ideal for both the home and professional laboratory testing arena due to the fact that this particular virus has yet to be found in an area where humans regularly travel to and from. The results will be immediate and impartial. This also makes it possible for the patient and physician to work together to form a diagnosis.

The lab use will be fast, easy and efficient. The advantages of iCare Advanced Covid Reagents include: The kit has a full set of sera with the highest levels of activity against each strain of the four known viruses that cause uncomplicated outbreaks in healthy persons. The four strains are: No name virus, rhino virus, Lassa virus and the SARS virus. These four strains are all well recognized in the medical community and are readily available to most health care centers due to their ability to cause uncomplicated transmission.

The clinical laboratory tests that are performed on patients who have positive results from a previous laboratory test do not include serology, immunology or molecular biology methods. This is important as the patients may have had one or more underlying conditions that brought on the outbreak. Serology is not sensitive to the novel coronaviruses and therefore is not included in the clinical trials. Immunology requires sophisticated machines and expensive specimens and is not included with the clinical trials. Molecular biology techniques such as PCR and sequencing cannot detect all the viruses and therefore are not necessary in the clinical trials.

Rapid virus identification is performed with a novel DNA hybridization method. This method allows rapid GenBank access of the reference strains for viral identification and rapid evolution of non-pathogenic cells with sequence-specific hybridization. The clinical trial called the Icare Advanced COVID 19 Virus Identification Study was initiated to assess the usefulness of this technology in patients with uncomplicated viral encephalopathy. It is hoped that this will reduce the time between the identification of the virus and its management and that the methods can be extended to other viral illnesses and infectious agents.

This novel method of virus identification is not sensitive to genetic abnormalities and is a valuable addition to current clinical laboratories. It is also complementary to molecular biology methods such as PCR and sequencing and is complementary to immunology techniques such as stool analysis. The clinical laboratory is very expensive and viral identification does not occur until the disease has progressed to the later stages. This is one of the advantages of the advanced virus identification system, it acts quickly to provide early diagnostic results in a sensitive manner.

This is a huge cost saving opportunity for large clinical facilities and research organizations. Because of the virus identification ability of the test materials this will reduce the amount of drug related expenses. Viruses are becoming more resistant to various forms of treatment. This is one of the reasons why patients are now being seen at earlier ages, which is also a time when research and development budgets are being slashed and staff are being cut.

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