Post Pandemic Marketing And Sales Have Become More Important.

Let’s face it. Marketing is a cost and we are accountable for how we spend the marketing budgets. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to make your marketing super effective and you could get high quality leads within your budget?

Luckily, there is and the secret sauce is called INTENT DATA.

Not just any Intent but HUAMN AMPLIFIED INTENT DATA.

Welcome t LeadsIntel, where we empower your marketing and sales with INTENT.

So, WHAT IS INTENT DATA? Intent data is the preciselist of prospects with buying intent. When the prospects have a buying intent, the chances of closures rise exponentially.

Intent data is usually extracted by Machine learning algorithms. But at LeadsIntel, we go one step further and amplify the intent with Human Intelligence. What you get is 100% accurate Human Amplified Intent Data that is completely aligned with your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) and has no false positives.

Intent Data+ Human Intelligence= Sales Amplification
But the intent data saga does not end at just B2B Lists. At LeadsIntel, we help our customers with INTENT QUALIFIED LEADS. Powered by intent, we develop a holistic marketing approach specific to each client.

We execute HYPER-PERSONALISED EMAIL MARKETING campaigns clubbed with targeted outbound calling campaigns to achieve 2X APPOINTMENTS.
Equipped with our Human Amplified Intent we execute TARGETED ACCOUNT BASED MARKETING (ABM) for highly qualified leads.

You can also find out what tech stack your prospects are using with our TECHNOGRAPHIC DATA.
For more details, do visit our website For an INRENT DATA SAMPLE, do write to us at [email protected]

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