31, Looking For A Muslim Bride From USA/Canada/Australia

Assalamu alaikum.

I was born and brought up in Hyderabad, India. I am an MBA and have a work experience of 6 years in Finance domain and also assisting my father in his business. I am moderately religious, decent and caring person with family values. I am an ambivert but once I get acquainted with someone, then I am a guy to always be with. I like to socialize, listen to music, watching movies and hanging out with family and friends whenever time permits. We are a nuclear Sunni muslim family of 4, i.e., me, my father (Self employed), my mother (home maker) and my younger brother (Finance Professional).

I am looking for a bride from USA/Canada/Australia who can help me in settling and having a job in these countries with citizenship and sponsorship. Age between 23 and 27 and height below 5'4". She should be educated (graduate), fair, open minded, decent, hijabi, religious (prays 5 times a day), who can handle both personal and professional lives effectively and efficiently and who can be my support system through thick and thin. I hold a person's nature, behaviour and etiquettes higher than the physical attributes (height, weight etc). I promise that I will always stand by her throughout our journey with a smile on my face. If she wants to work after marriage, it is fine and I will support her. Caste no bar.

Please get in touch with me on Whatsapp or mail me if you consider my profile suitable.

Note : If you don't want to share bio data and pictures and people having demands of own house and own business, then please excuse me. Also the people who still believe in casteism In 21st century, please do not proceed with this profile.