*Day Care and Kindergarten classes for PKG , LKG and UKG*

🔺 Taken by 25 years experienced female ( M.A , M.Phil ) post graduate indian teacher. 

🔺This nursery school is a fine moving school established 25 years ago in 1993.

🔺 It is a home based school with neat and homely environment for beginners. 

🔺We give kids whats best for them and improve their basic learning. 

🔺 Timings for Day care 6:30 am - 3 pm and evening 4 - 8 pm.

🔺 Timings for Kindergarten :
Morning between
8 am - 12 pm or
Evening between
4 pm - 8 pm
Any 2 hours as per your convenience .

🔺 Sunday - Thursday
( Off days Friday , Saturday)

🔺Ages between 3 - 6 years

🔺We also look after them with special care and give individual attention to each student. 

🔺Learning through audio and video method of teaching.

🔺Pre - schoolers 
Basically only oral is taught which includes :
🔸️General knowledge 

🔺LKG / KG1
Along with orals 
🔸️English : (A - Z) (a - z) written and recognition 
🔸️Maths : 1 - 100 written and recognition 
Count and write 
🔸️General Knowledge 

🔺UKG / KG2 : Cbse syllabus will be followed for indians. 
For other nationalities preferred syllabus will be taught. 

🔺You can admit your ward directly to 1st standard. 

🔺TC will be given if required.

🔺Transportation available. 

🔺Visiting visa holders can also apply.

If you are interested 
please contact :