Am Sudanese Accountant And Cashier Looking For Job

i have master degree from Sudan University of Science and Technology
i have PhD in Drama college
i have Master of Culture
i have work Ministry of Youth and Sports in sudan
am doctor and researcher in the philosophy of drama. I have filmed and directed many
television programs. I aspire to develop a special theory in the field of drama
through the work of sound effects. I also aim to increase knowledge and link drama
with various social communication tools
i worked as Photographer and TV director in sudan Tv
Director of Culture and Media in Sudan Tv
Researcher and collaborating professor in sudan TV
and also have full idea in accounting side as well
am living in madianah area
i worked in pipe and well company in jizan
Able to operate Microsoft Office (MS Word, Power Point, Excel, Outlook)
Good communication, writing and organizational skills
Good problem solving and analytical skill
Open minded and independent
i have worked in so many company in Saudi Arabia since 2015 in same field
Saudi license
ready to join now

certificates and reference are available upon request