25, URGENTLY Seeking Groom For MBA Girl

Indian Hyderabadi Muslim girl MBA HR, age 25. We are looking for a Hyderabadi boy settled in Hyderabad/Gulf,
well mannered, deendar.

About Her: She is a practicing pious Muslim, Alhamdullilah. She observes all the obligatory acts of worship like offering five-time prayers, Fasting, Strictly Following the Hijab, and reading the Qur’an regularly. She is simple well-mannered, caring, and understanding. She is well versed in household responsibilities and chores. She is very helpful and kind in nature.

If Interested, send your Bio-data and pictures on the given WhatsApp number or email ID, I will reply with Bride pictures and bio-data.
time passers(Polygamy, Second marriage, Agents) stay away.