SAR 3500, FITEL FUSION Splicer S178A For Sale

Price is very reasonable and Fixed
FITEL Fusion Splicer
List Of accessories,

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1) Hard Protection Box > 1
2) Clever > 2 ( S328 & SKL-6C)
3) Visual Fault Locater > 1
4) Ripley Round Cable Stripper > 1
5) Fiber Stripers )Coating and Core) > 3
6) Fiber Coating Stripper > 1
7) Cutting Scissor > 1
8) Changers > 2 ( device charger and External battery Charger)


Applicable Fibers SM, MM, DSF, NZD, EDF, BIF/UBIF (Bend insensitive fiber)

Cladding Diameter 80~150 μm

Coating Diameter 160~900 μm

Fibers Cleave Length 5~16 mm

Average Splice Loss SM: 0.02 dB, MM: 0.01 dB, DSF: 0.04 dB, NZD: 0.04 dB

Splice Time 7 seconds (semi-auto mode)

9 seconds (regular mode) Heat Time

25 seconds (40mm Sleeve, 60mm Sleeve) (Pre-heat mode)

31 seconds (40mm Sleeve, 60mm Sleeve) (regular mode)

Splice Programs Max. 150

Automatic Splicing Selection SM: SM, DSF, NZD, BIF/UBIF, MM: MM

Heat Programs Max. 18

Automatic Heating Start Available

Applicable Sleeves 20/40/60 mm

Fiber Holding Tight holder (Loose tube applicable) or Fiber Holder System

Tension Test 1.96N

Fiber Image Magnification 304X, 608X

Splice Memory Max. 2,000

Image capture Capacity Last 100 images to be automatically captured + Up to 24 images to be stored permanently

Dimension 127W × 199D × 105H mm (not including shock absorber)

159W × 231D × 130H mm (including shock absorber)

Weight 1.9 kg (without battery) 2.3 kg (with two batteries)

Monitor 3.5” color LCD monitor

Data Output USB ver.2.0 mini

Diaplaying Language 20 languages (e.g. English, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese)

Battery Capacity Typical 80 splice/heat cycles with single battery

Typical 200 splice/heat cycles with 2 batteries

Altitude 5,000 mh

Operating Temperature -10 to +50 °C (without excessive humidity)

Storage Temperature -40 to +60 °C (without excessive humidity)

Power Source AC Input 100 to 240 V (50/60 Hz), DC Input 11 to 17 V
Riyadh, Tools, SAR 3500,  FITEL FUSION Splicer S178A For SaleRiyadh, Tools, SAR 3500,  FITEL FUSION Splicer S178A For SaleRiyadh, Tools, SAR 3500,  FITEL FUSION Splicer S178A For Sale