Before Hiring Tacho Generators Provider Read This Overview

We are pretty much aware of measuring a rotary axis position and derivation of its speed. We have absolute and incremental encoders designed for that. But what if you don’t want positioning information? Well, that is when you need a tachogenerator. The Tacho generators provider offers different types worldwide.

What Tacho Generator?

The tacho generator or tachometer generator is an electric-mechanical device. It accurately measures the speed of motors and engines. In addition to that, it also measures the direction and speed of the rotational device. Tacho generators convert mechanical energy into electrical energy.

Understanding the Designing of Taco Generator 

These electromechanical devices are permanent magnet types. And they use a rotating armature that is attached to a machine shaft from one end. It helps to measure the rotational speed. We also use this device in current limiting circuits and voltage control to protect the equipment. Tacho generators are of varying types- hollow shaft and solid shaft as well.

Getting The Product

In the event, you are looking forward to getting hold of a quality tacho generator, you can rely on Industrial Sales Corporation.

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Know Us
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