Dear parents,

*' The best among you is he who learns Holy Quran and teaches the other. '*

Alhumdulillah,we provide highly qualified and professional Quran tutor with the experience of 20 years.
Our aim is the above saying of Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) & the mission is to provide the facilities of Quran learning at best level.
Our lessons include following steps:

*1.)* Recitation of The Quran Fluently And Eloquently with proper Tajweed’s rules(Qiraat, Tarteel)
*2.)* Makharijul Huroof (Articulation points)
*3.)* TAJWEED (Ghunnah, Mudood, Qalqalah, etc)
*4.)* Learn the rules to read the Quran relating to pronunciation, articulation, qualities of letters and more
*5.)* Application of rules through numerous examples
*6.)* Learn Islamic Knowledge
*7.)* Memorise the Dua's
If you want to give your children the gift of correct pronunciation and beautiful recitation of holy Quran, Kindly do contact us.
* Female tutor also available *

The contact details are as follow:

966 530941011
966 53 361 0942