USD 699, SIX PACKER Machine - $699.00

Speed up your six packing with our best qualiy Six Packer Machine. you will love the ease of six packing. Just two pulls of the lever, and your six pack is ready for sale. Lets have a glance at below mentioned featured points:

Load your 6 beer or soda cans into the base and the Six Packer does the work in three simple steps:

1. Lower the lever to release the precision-made cones onto the cans.
2. Place a Perf-Pak carrier over the cones. Lower the lever again to press the carrier onto the can lids.
3. When using the Six Packer, Size #2 Perf-Pak six pack rings will hold most all beverage cans.

4. You must use Perf-Pak six pack rings on the Six Packer machine. The Six Packer is a durable machine that you will use for years to come.

To buy the product you can visit through the website"> or call at (847) 695-8241.
New York, Labor/Moving, USD 699,  SIX PACKER Machine - $699.00