Seeking Religious Groom Daughter Second Marriage

As salaamualiakum wa rahmathullahi wa barakatuhu

Ahle - Hadees parents Seeking groom for daughter second marriage separated in very short period after marrige (khula taken no kids) .
Her details are :Age :32 years ,Hight 5 feet 4 inches , slim ,Qualification: pursuing P.H.D in Islamic Studies ,Aalima, Fazila ,

Qualities we are looking in a groom:

Religious practicing Islam as per teaching Quran and Hadeeth (away from shirk and Bidah , fataha and darga un islamic rituals etc ) , abstaining from all haram activities ,Virtuous ,of good Aqlaq (Character ) , has obtain any Bachelor's or Masters degree business man or any job holder .

Interested send bio data and picture us on this number WhatsApp :6309354881