USD 490, Hand Packer Machine - $490.00

The Multi Packer places rings on the sides of bottles and cans. It is perfect for 8 and 12 pack cans and 6 pack plastic bottles.

The Hand Packer makes 6, 8, or 12 packing easy!
1. Place ring carrier on the jaws.
2. Squeeze the trigger a few times to open the rings.
3. Insert bottles into the rings.
4. Lift out your multi pack.

The Hand Packer will accommodate most 12 to 24 oz. containers. See our wide selection of ring carriers or call us at (800) 446-7225 to discuss your application.
You can follow the link to buy the product or call at +1 800-446-7225.
New York, Labor/Moving, USD 490,  Hand Packer Machine - $490.00