Specialityvalve is a largest Cryogenic valve manufacturer in India. Cryogenic valves, as their name implies, are intended for use in extremely cold environments. Companies that work with liquefied natural gas (LNG) or compressed natural gas (CNG) use them the most (CNG). The oil and gas industry, for example, regularly employs cryogenic temperature ranges beginning at -238 degrees Fahrenheit (-150 degrees Celcius).Furthermore, some gases are characterised as 'cryogenic' not because of their temperature, but because compressing their volume requires more than a simple pressure rise. Cryogenic valves are designed to transmit and store cryogenic gases in a safe and efficient manner.
A check valve allows fluids to flow in one direction but automatically closes to prevent passage in the opposite direction (backflow).Check valves are utilised in a number of applications, but the installation of check valves at the steam trap outflow side will be the subject of this article.
Cryogenic Valves Working:
To keep cryogenic gases or other medium secure and safe, cryogenic valves are kept in a naturally closed condition. A cryogenic valve is often designed to respond to high pressure by opening the valve, allowing gas or other media to flow freely through it. This open flow will continue until the pressure drops again, at which time it will swing back and close with a special metal seat bubble-tight shutdown to prevent any leakage.
The cryogenic valves have the device drivers as bevel gear, pneumatic, handle, or electric. The design standards used for these valves are API 602, BS 6364, and API 600. Being used in cold applications, cryogenic valves mainly hold impxortance in the factories that deal with compressed natural gas. These valves help to store the heavy cryogenic gasses efficiently and safely. When you search for the best cryogenic valve supplier in INDIA, we would be topping up the list. Thus, get in touch with us today.
Cryogenic Valve is use in many industries such as:
• Medical Industry.
• Aerospace Industry.
• Air Separation Plants.
• Petrochemical Industry.
• LNG Storage Industry.

Types of cryogenic valve
1. Cryogenic gate valve
2. Cryogenic globe valve
3. Cryogenic ball valve
4. Cryogenic check valve
5. Cryogenic butterfly valve

Advantages of “Cryogenic Valves”:
• Built to open under high pressure to allow free flow of gases before the pressure drops, at which point it seals with a metal seat to prevent further leakage.
• Cryogenic “Globe” valves provide Long-term sealing capacity.
• Cryogenic valves come in a number of shapes and sizes, allowing them to work in a variety of pressure levels. Therefore, they are great for whatever type is needed.
• Body materials: stainless steel (SS304, SS316, CF8M, SS316L, SS904L)
• Size: 1/2”-12”.
• Class:150-1500
• Ends: lug, wafer, flanged
• Operation: Pneumatic, Electric, Hand wheel, Gear operated

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