Started season from season 2
All season max Rp
With lots of mytic + legendary items + ultimate set
Available 36 upgrade able guns
(Glaciers m416 lvl 7 MAX)
(SilverGuru M416 lvl 7 max)
(M416 fool + joker set lvl 1)
(Akm glaciers lvl 4 kill msg)
(M762 JOKER LVL 4 kill msg)
(M249 Machine gun Lvl 2 kill effect)
(Ump lvl 2 kill effect)
Grenade Halloween kill msg
Grenade effects guns
(X suits) available -

Blood raven lvl 4
Poseidon lvl 2
iridescence pharoh lvl 1
(Ultimate suit) -

-Ultimate mytic devil flame full pack
-Ultimate mummy set
- mummy suit (pharaoh)
==Mytic fashion title==
Mytic sets
Mytic helmets
Mytic guns
Mytic emotes
(10 materials) available for upgrade gun
-Wingsman helicopter spawn
-(All season RP full max)
- faces❣️
-Hair's ❣️
-character unlocked max
mummy set fool set and collection of m416 upgradable + glaciers guns collection
And many more lots of things is there....

Jeddah, Video Games, Pubg AccountJeddah, Video Games, Pubg AccountJeddah, Video Games, Pubg Account