Assalamualaikum wrwb...... My family is in hyderabad,,India. .... Am looking for a bride from a good family for my younger brother....
Qualifications:PGD(construction project
:M. Tech(structures)

Occupation:structural & project management
ASST. professor in civil dept(GIET).
Proprietorof HCC( construction &

.... MashaAllah.... ALAH SWT has blessed him with immense knowledge and a successful career.
He is a structural engineer in hyderabad owns a private consultancy thru which he handles his projects. MashaAllah in a very young age he has made his name amongst successful engineers.
If intrested then plz do reply.
May Allah swt guide both families.
Jazakallah khair.
Watsapp. 00916300746148
Requirements of bride
Age : 24 or less
Complexion fair
Qualification :minimum of bachelors degree
Height :5'5 or more