050-2371313 IGCSE-A-AS-MYP Crash Course By Amourion Training Institute

(JLT-Fortune Tower-2401)(IB-MYP-IGCSE-A-AS)(050-2371313)(Maths-Physics-Chemistry-Economics)
I give excellent private tutoring with very good exam preparation, problem solving and homework FOR COLLEGE STUDENTS . I teach the following systems:

British Curriculum:
• IGCSE: year 10 and ye 25 years teaching ar 11
• A-level (AS and A2)

International Baccalaureate (IB):
I. Higher level
II. Standard level

o Middle Years Program (MYP) year 6-10
o Diploma Program (DP) year 11-12
o Advanced Placement (AP)

I teach all topics in Chemistry including:-
➢ Kinetic theory and diffusion
➢ Atomic structure and bonding
➢ Formulae and balancing chemical equations
➢ Moles and relative atomic mass (RAM)
➢ Rates and reactions
➢ The periodic table
➢ Electrolysis calculations
➢ Energy changes in reactions and calculations
➢ Manufacturing chemicals
➢ Reversible reactions
➢ Organic chemistry
➢ Polymers and useful products from crude oil