Edexcel & CIE A Level Math Teacher (AS / A Level) 0509213771

Call 050 9213771 or write at xooms @ hotmail.com

Qualified Math tutor for academic upkeep, guidance and home tuition.

Learn Mathematics with a very easy approach that creates interest in numerics.

Experienced teacher for result oriented study. Special preparation with the help of past papers with accurate exam techniques.

IGCSE, GCSE & A Level subject teacher.

100% preparation with the help of past papers and practice papers with continuous assessment.

(Core Math) C1, Pure Math (P1)
(Core Math) C2, Pure Math (P2)
(Core Math) C3, , Pure Math (P3)
(Core Math) C4,
(Mechanics 1) M1,
(Mechanics 1) M2,
(Statistics 1) S1,
(Statistics 1) S2,
(Further Pure Maths) FP1,
(Further Pure Maths) FP2

Session can be arranged on weekdays or weekends. Plz call 0509213771

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