25, Honestly Looking For A Practicing Muslima, Fair And Beautiful From Nobel Lineage Fmly. 



Age 25
Height 5.7
Color Fair (Wearing Islamic Beard)
Looks Handsome

Islamic Education:

Every day offers opportunities to learn and grow. It was a blessing to seek knowledge from multiple books under many Ulama including Fundamentals of Islam, Usool e Salasa, Tafsir of Qur’an, and Few chpts of Kitab ut Tawheed, Bulugh Al Maram. Aqeeda, Hadith, Seerah, Fiqh etc.

Professional info.

*Designation* Project Manager & Business Development Executive since 2019 at BAB Living. It's a Premium Leather Furniture company.
babliving.com babliving1945.com

Founder & Director of DarkWood Company (Premium Leather Furniture company) Own business. Just a Start-Up still looking for Investment for a Premium showrooms. Add. Banjara hills Road no 12. darkwoodliving.com

Allah SWT said in Quran "And how many are creatures that cannot [Secure] their provisions. It is Allah who provides for Them and You as well. And He is the Hearing, the Knowing. (Surat Ankaboot 29:60)

Money solves only money problems, it changes nothing about your character.

*About me*

Assalamu alaikum:)
Alhamdulillah I have a peaceful job and I started my own business (Darkwood) also, I'm very passionate about building my own company.

I strive very hard to be a practising Muslim in every aspect of life.

“Verily, the most honourable of you with Allaah is that (believer) who has At-Taqwaa" [49:13].

Religion (Islam) and virtue (Taqwa) hold great value to me. My values for marriage and family are very strong. Considering my character, I'm always learning and seeking knowledge, ultimately improving myself and my Akhira. Being dignified & Gentle, well-mannered, Self-developing, and honest are my top priorities. I take all my decisions according to Islam and always prefer Allah's command over societal norms. I Love & Hate only for the sake of Allah alone. I believe in living with correct standards rather than the standard of living.

Seeking Qualities in Bride.

To complete my DEEN, I am seeking someone with a strong commitment to Islam, a passion to increase in FAITH & PIETY together and Dedicated to learning to improve herself in all aspects of life. Someone who envisions her kids becoming scholars of Islam as well as successful LEADERS in the world and also as great sawab e jariya. A VISIONARY woman from an AFFLUENT family.

Seeking my Future wife from a Financially Strong family to Ease worldly Affairs & Needs. And Worship Allah SWT peacefully & Raise our children with a Great vision to be Leaders in the Best possible way, with a strong faith in Allah alone with strong values.
As Prophet Muhammad Sws said. When a Man dies, his Deeds come to an END except for 3 things.
1. Ongoing Charity (Building Masjid or well etc)
2. Beneficial Knowledge ( ilm, books, University etc)
3. A Righteous Child who prays for him. (Raise as per Islam)

Pls, note I am not seeking Dowry etc.
I'm Not after Money. I'm After the Freedom that Comes with Having Money. Two Very Different Goals.

I feel n believe Money or financial tensions Stop Us from doing Great Things and make our Noble Vision weak.
We can do Wonders like Usmaan Al Ghani R.A. if we have ilm+Vision & money.

FUTURE PLAN (Insha Allah)

1. Set up My Own Company with a Proper cycle ASAP and Generate a Passive Income to focus on living a life according to the Teachings of Islam peacefully and focus on doing something which will Benefit n Level up Us even after leaving this world.

2. Giving my Best to Raise our Children as a Ideal Muslims, who can speak Arabic, English & Urdu like a Mother tongue and Upbring them to be A Hafiz & Student of Knowledge under great Salafi Ulama with all Higher Level Professional Skills + Sports with Leadership Qualities to lead the next generations according to Islam.

3. Explore the Creation (World) of Allah and offer the Namaz in different parts of World n Masajid and at last Settle in Madina or Makka if all goes well. Bi iznillah.

Pls, do Meet or Talk to me personally to know more about me. Or ask anybody about me in masjid or neighbourhood.

Jazak Allah Khair. If you think you fit in the above-described qualities pls do whats app or email Biodata n photos for further process.
what's the app no 8341830097.

Jazak Allah Khair.